Cold and flu sea­son is upon us – but the mis­ery of ill­ness isn’t in­evitable. Side­step sick­ness and stay healthy by steer­ing clear of en­emy turf

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Know­ing the dan­ger zones is the best pol­icy for dodg­ing ill­ness – well, that and wash­ing your hands. To find out for cer­tain where the germs are lurk­ing, we wielded an ATP lu­mi­nome­ter around the streets of Lon­don. Liv­ing cells use ATP mol­e­cules for en­ergy, so the more there are on a sur­face, the greater the bi­o­log­i­cal ac­tiv­ity. In other words, the higher the read­ing, the more abun­dant the bugs.

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