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If you can’t get out there and shoot the birds, your next best op­tion is to buy them whole from li­censed on­line sell­ers such as the Wild Meat Com­pany. Or­der them feath­ered to save money, then pluck them your­self. Do it into a bin liner that has wash­ing-up liquid rubbed around the in­side to catch the feath­ers. If you’re strug­gling with the last few, hold the bird over a gas hob to singe

them off, or give it a blast with a blow­torch (£ 34 bor­oughk­itchen.com). To gut the birds, use a sharp bon­ing knife that will also come in handy for butch­ery (£ 47 knivesand­tools.co.uk). Cut an inch-long in­ci­sion be­tween the bird’s legs, then re­move all the con­tents you can and briefly flush out the cav­ity with cold wa­ter. Keep kitchen shears (£ 22 vic­tori­nox.com) close for spatch­cock­ing, if nec­es­sary, and con­sider your ap­petite well and truly worked up.

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