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Get this man to a sofa. Weeks of head­ing into work be­fore dawn and leav­ing the squat rack af­ter dark have left him crav­ing a lit­tle com­fort – and that com­fort needs to be ready right now. This sim­ple, carb-loaded refeed will take him from fridge to TV in min­utes and re­pair his weary mus­cles ahead of to­mor­row’s morn­ing run. It’s packed with vi­ta­min C to bol­ster im­mu­nity, and its 600mg of potas­sium per por­tion will sup­port mus­cle func­tion just as ef­fi­ciently as a meat­laden stew. This recipe will lighten up any win­ter eat­ing plan while los­ing none of the de­sired warmth. Ex­tra Parme­san is very much en­cour­aged.

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