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When Munteanu was cast as Vik­tor, he weighed 113kg. To cut 13kg, he un­leashed a sim­ple, fat-blast­ing combo. This is how to get in fight­ing shape – and fast

2g per 1kg FUEL THE FIRES

Munteanu con­sumed pro­tein day and night, aim­ing for 2g per kilo of body­weight, but his evening meals fo­cused on one mus­cle fuel: tuna. The fish is packed with pro­tein and con­tains only 1g of fat per 100kcal. “I kept it ba­sic,” he says.


“We trained six hours a day,” says Munteanu. But if you don’t have that kind of time, train against the clock in the gym. Per­form each move as many times as you can for 45 sec­onds, then rest for 15 sec­onds be­fore your next set.

30min x3 HOLD STEADY

For car­dio, Munteanu opted for a steadys­tate solution and sim­ply ran for half an hour, three days a week, aim­ing for a few miles at a con­sis­tent pace. If you end up with your arms aloft at the top of some steps, all the bet­ter.

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