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07_ Some­times it’s hard to im­prove the orig­i­nal for­mula. This dark beer – pop­u­lar in 18th-cen­tury Lon­don and more re­cently adopted by Hack­ney’s hip­sters – is rich in heart-healthy nu­tri­ents. “The Univer­sity of Wis­con­sinMadi­son found flavonoids in dark beers could pre­vent blood clots,” says Gog­gins. Try Five Points Rail­way Porter, which comes in at 4.8% ABV. Push peanut and al­mond to the back of the cup­board and have a crack at some­thing new. Stud­ies show that pis­ta­chios con­tain more an­tiox­i­dants than other nutty al­ter­na­tives, with an im­pres­sive pro­file of BCAAS, the key amino acids linked to mus­cle re­pair, mak­ing a help­ing of the new PB your smartest morn­ing spread. Make it your­self by blend­ing a bag of salted pis­ta­chios un­til creamy.

14_ To in­stantly up­grade any break­fast ce­real, smoothie or latte, go the full nu­tri­tion­ista and fer­ment your own milk. Ke­fir grains are, in fact, not grains at all but a “sym­bi­otic com­mu­nity” of yeast and bac­te­ria that be­stow your milk with pro­bi­otics. “This im­proves metabolic health by boost­ing the blood su­gar con­trol hor­mone GLP-1,” says Gog­gins, while the cal­cium in­creases calo­rie burn, the In­ter­na­tional Jour­nal of Obe­sity re­ports. Join the cul­ture club.

15_ Even if you loathe the stuff (though, catchy ad lines aside, does any­one truly feel that strongly?), we’ll as­sume you’re at least a lit­tle won- over by the prospect of a health­ier brain. Ac­cord­ing to stud­ies by the Univer­sity of York, Mar­mite can in­crease your lev­els of GABA, a chem­i­cal mes­sen­ger associated with deeper sleep and re­duced anx­i­ety, mak­ing a slather on but­tered toast the ideal ad­di­tion to your bed­time rit­ual. The study au­thors posit this ef­fect is due to its high lev­els of mood-bal­anc­ing vi­ta­min B12.

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