THE EMPTY PROM­ISES The ben­e­fits of these health shop favourites have been ex­ag­ger­ated

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Bottled teas are no match for a fresh cup. “Ready-to- drink green teas de­grade polyphe­nols to nonex­is­tent lev­els,” says Gog­gins. Brew and cool your own. Though pur­ported to aid weight loss when soaked to form an ap­petite-su­press­ing gel, the seeds were shown to have no such ef­fect in a 12-week study in “The cook­ing process de­pletes much of broc­coli’s nu­tri­ent sul­foraphane,” says Gog­gins. In­stead, he ad­vo­cates sprout­ing the seeds to en­joy the full dis­ease-fight­ing ef­fects. Sprin­kle them over your next brunch. To be la­belled a “source of pro­tein”, your snacks must de­rive only 12% of calo­ries from the stuff: less than a bag of nuts. If your soy- coco-spir­ulina bar has more grams of su­gar than it does of the big P, you’re bet­ter off with a Snick­ers. “An ap­ple browns within min­utes when cut,” points out Hodges. But pre-sliced pack­aged fruit is of­ten treated with preser­va­tives and loses most of its nu­tri­tion when ex­posed to air. Hit the frozen aisle in­stead.

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