THE STEALTH SABOTEUR Seem­ingly vir­tu­ous, these fit-food sta­ples have a down­side

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Your mi­crowaved break­fast is no smart short cut. “Sweet­ened fruits and syrup flavour­ings add 8-10g of su­gar with no ex­tra nu­tri­ents,” says Hodges. “You’re bet­ter off buy­ing a box of plain oats and adding fruit or nut but­ter your­self.” In the ab­sence of added sug­ars, many are sweet­ened with dates or date syrup. “Dates are very high on the gly­caemic in­dex,” says Shah, “and eat­ing too many can cause stom­ach pain due to their high fi­bre and fruc­tose.” Of­ten touted as an ex­cel­lent source of cal­cium and iron, spinach is high in ox­alic acid, which re­duces your abil­ity to ab­sorb these min­er­als, ex­plains Gog­gins, par­tic­u­larly when eaten raw. That’s why Pop­eye took it tinned. The odd serv­ing of sushi may be swim­ming in healthy fats, but it isn’t an ev­ery­day swap for your sand­wich. “There’s a risk of mer­cury poi­son­ing with a high in­take of raw fish,” says Gog­gins. Twice a week is enough.

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