Nduja Sausage

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12_ This “peas­ant” sausage is made with pig of­fal such as tripe, lungs and liver. But far from a poor com­pro­mise, these so- called waste cuts are rich in mood- and en­er­gy­sup­port­ing vi­ta­min B12 and iron, says Hodges, plus choline for brain health. The pigs’ diet of acorns and nuts makes their meat rich in healthy fats, too. It’s then cut with chilli and spice and sold in a spread­able form. Slather it on pizza or add it to stews.

13_ You’ll find this sweet, fiery, umami paste in ev­ery­thing from Korean bibim­bap to katsu curry. Tra­di­tion­ally, it’s made with chillis, sticky rice and fer­mented soy. Korea’s Chon­buk Univer­sity found that mice fed on con­cen­trated gochu­jang gained less weight on a high-fat diet and had bet­ter blood su­gar lev­els, while the Korea Food Re­search In­sti­tute says it might have anti-obe­sity ef­fects. An ex­cel­lent take­away tip.

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