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Of all the years to train yourself leaner, stronger and fitter for the sunny season, 2021 is surely the one. Whatever your goal, our three-part workout has you covered, This is how to hit your workouts in lockdown, so you’re ready for when you’re not


Our scrupulous­ly assembled squad of elite coaches is on hand to get you back to your best before summer starts

For some people, the past 12 months or so have presented an opportune time to focus on their fitness. For others, the exact opposite has proven true. Wherever you land on the spectrum, over the next few months, most of us will be deciding whether or not we’ll be looking to rejoin the rank and file in commercial gyms, or opting to continue honing our workoutfro­m-home habits. The smartest option, however, is to strike a balance between the two, leveraging the best of both worlds to optimise not just your pursuit of gains, but your work-workoutlif­e balance to boot. Just as many companies are transformi­ng their corporate culture, so, too, can we curate a training regimen that fits around the rest of your life. That may be one of the biggest positives of what has otherwise been a gruelling year. With this in mind, whether you’ll be found throwing down at your local box, chasing the pump in your favourite Globo Gym or racking up the burpees on the patio, we have devised a workout for any occasion: a strength and mobility masterclas­s designed to combat the pitfalls of desk bondage; a soul-snatching WOD from the UK’s top CrossFitte­r, Zack George; and a single dumbbell drill that acts as an all-inclusive bodybuilde­r for the work-from-home warriors among us. We’re on the comeback trail to the best summer in living memory. Allow us to help point the way.

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