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How does it feel when you wake up And re­mem­ber that black sab­bath is no more?

tony iommi (gui­tars): “It’s weird, re­ally. It hasn’t sunk in prop­erly. I’m still run­ning on full! I still feel like I’m on tour. It’s re­ally pe­cu­liar. I haven’t come off it yet. I wake up and feel like I’ve got to go some­where. I do go some­where, but not to the stage, just some other bloody place. It does feel odd and I haven’t got used to it yet.”

is it hard to Ac­cept that the band re­ally HAs fin­ished for good?

“Well, I drove the de­ci­sion, so I can’t com­plain. It was mainly be­cause of my health. It was a shame, but it just got to a stage where I was wor­ry­ing about do­ing ex­ten­sive tour­ing. I didn’t want to be­come ill again. My out­look has changed, I sup­pose, and I’m just try­ing to stay alive, ha ha! I just felt that for me it was a good time to at least think about stop­ping. But I do miss be­ing on­stage. I love play­ing live.

We may do some­thing later as a one-off. You never know.

I’d love to think we might be able to do one more show some­where, but the tour­ing had to stop.”

Have you spo­ken with ozzy And geezer since the last show in birm­ing­ham?

“We’ve been in touch via text and emails. Af­ter the last show, Ozzy went off to do some­thing with Jack for his TV se­ries and Geezer went on hol­i­day, to Italy I think… but yeah, we’ve been in touch. To be hon­est, this still feels like a gap be­tween tours and we’ll all be off again soon, y’know? I’ve had this feel­ing be­fore but then we’ve al­ways gone on tour again… now, it’s like, ‘What do I do?’ I’ve got build­ing work go­ing on and I’m get­ting in­volved in that in­stead of writ­ing songs. It’s weird, man.”

do you feel sat­is­fied with the way black sab­bath bowed out?

“This last year or two with the band, I’ve re­ally, re­ally en­joyed play­ing, be­ing with the guys and see­ing the au­di­ence. We had some fan­tas­tic au­di­ences. They are such great, loyal fans. You cher­ish those mo­ments. The last shows we did were re­ally emo­tional be­cause you think, ‘Hang on, this could be the last time we ever play these songs!’ and you see peo­ple cry­ing and all that stuff. It was very emo­tional for every­body, I think.”

Thanks for in­vent­ing heavy me­tal, by the way… does it ever get old

Hear­ing peo­ple say that?

“It feels fan­tas­tic. We came up with a style of mu­sic that ev­ery­one still likes today, and it’s still get­ting big­ger and big­ger. That’s fan­tas­tic. I’m re­ally proud of it. All the bands that cite us as an in­flu­ence, whether it’s Me­tal­lica or who­ever, I mean, who wouldn’t like that, you know? This mu­sic has been hugely im­por­tant in my life and I’ve al­ways taken the mu­sic very se­ri­ously. I loved what we did and I loved creat­ing that mu­sic, and I still do. Hope­fully heavy me­tal will go on and on.”

What does it mean to such A dec­o­rated vet­eran to re­ceive our golden god award?

“Oh, it’s fab­u­lous. To me, it’s great to re­ceive any award… any good award any­way, ha ha! It shows that peo­ple re­spect what you’ve done and ap­pre­ci­ate what you’ve done. That’s fan­tas­tic and I’ll never com­plain about get­ting one. And I’ve got a spot for this one… I’ll move the oth­ers over and make sure it fits. It’s bril­liant, they’re great talk­ing points! Peo­ple come in and say, ‘Oh, what’s that one for?’ Ha ha ha!”

room Tony’s off to make in his tro­phy cabi­net… “WE might be able to do one more show…” TONY IOMMI KEEPS US ON TEN­TER­HOOKS

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