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(Winds Of Cre­ation, 2000)

The only track from De­cap­i­tated’s first demo to make it through to their de­but al­bum, Way To Sal­va­tion con­firmed that Vogg and Vitek were ex­tra­or­di­nary mu­si­cians at a star­tlingly young age. A churn­ing storm of state-of-theart death me­tal, it ticked all the old school boxes while hint­ing at the game-chang­ing bril­liance to come.


(Ni­hility, 2002)

Ef­fec­tively De­cap­i­tated’s great­est hit (“It’s our Smoke On The Wa­ter!” de­clares Rasta), Spheres… be­gins with a riff so sim­ple, ef­fec­tive and groovy that you’d have to gen­uinely, ac­tively de­spise heavy me­tal to re­sist its charms. If you’ve ever been in the pit at a De­cap show when this one kicks off, you’ll have bruises to prove it.


(The Ne­ga­tion, 2004)

Early ev­i­dence of the genre-smashing in­tu­ition that has since turned them into un­der­ground leg­ends, The Ne­ga­tion is one of De­cap­i­tated’s heav­i­est and slow­est tracks, with a churn­ing, pitch-black riff that sounds like the grind of tec­tonic plates and some wildly psy­che­delic solo­ing from Vogg.

21st-cen­tury death me­tal re­de­fined.

DAY 69

(Or­ganic Hal­lu­ci­nosis, 2006)

Sec­ond only to Spheres Of Mad­ness in De­cap­i­tated’s hit list, Day 69 marked a great leap for­ward for the Poles’ sound. Vitek’s drum­ming is truly mind­blow­ing through­out, not least dur­ing his brief mid-song solo, and Vogg’s riffs are an ob­ject les­son in how to make ex­treme me­tal swing like a mam­moth’s ball­bag. A mod­ern me­tal mas­ter­piece.


(Car­ni­val Is For­ever, 2011)

Could De­cap­i­tated sur­vive with a new line-up, with the shadow of Vitek’s death loom­ing? The an­swer, as this first track from come­back al­bum Car­ni­val Is For­ever proves, was a re­sound­ing yes. Ex­plod­ing into life in a flurry of jud­der­ing riffs and Rasta’s gar­gled roar, The Knife showed that De­cap­i­tated had plenty left to of­fer.

They couldn’t have paid their fallen brother a bet­ter trib­ute.


(Blood Mantra, 2014)

A world away from the death me­tal pu­rity of their early works, this mes­meris­ing epic from 2014’s Blood Mantra al­bum ham­mers home how far De­cap­i­tated have come. As likely to lure in fans of Go­jira and Meshug­gah as it would un­der­ground diehards, it’s a densely at­mo­spheric down­ward spi­ral into obliv­ion that once again con­firms what a clever, tal­ented bas­tard Vogg is.


(An­tic­ult, 2017)

Kindly show­ing that De­cap­i­tated fully in­tend to con­tinue their sen­si­ble habit of be­ing one of the best bands in me­tal today, Never is an ab­so­lute shred­fest. Man­ag­ing to squeeze some de­cep­tively catchy melodies into a six-minute ex­plo­sion of fret-sear­ing in­ten­sity and drum-pop­ping per­cus­sion, the lead track from An­tic­ult high­lights why the Poles are as at home at Brix­ton Academy as they once were slog­ging away in toi­let venues across Europe. Wel­come back, boys.

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