Metal Hammer (UK) - - Fresh Meat - New Jersey death metallers make an un­ex­pected de­tour DEAN BROWN

With a ser­rated thrash groove rip­ping through its grisly veins, Des­tined To Re­turn starts Kalop­sia’s third al­bum with a jolt. In what proves to be an on­go­ing trait, this opener is akin to Can­ni­bal Corpse’s The Bleed­ing in terms of how these old-school­ers han­dle vo­cal/in­stru­men­tal hooks with­out los­ing bru­tal­ity. ExFune­brarum and cur­rent Ru­inous mem­ber Matt Medeiros plays a sig­nif­i­cant role in push­ing this di­rec­tion, more so than on Kalop­sia’s 2012 break­out al­bum, Amongst The Ru­ins. His gut­bust­ing growls are enun­ci­ated with wel­come lu­cid­ity and his rhyth­mi­cally locked-in riffs al­low lead guitarist Steve Hor­vath space to ex­plore, par­tic­u­larly on Scorched Earth And Black­ened Skies. It sees Kalop­sia em­brace the rous­ing Scan­di­na­vian melodies of Amon Amarth, and their ea­ger­ness to ex­per­i­ment is a pos­i­tive. Out­side of this anom­aly, Kalop­sia reg­u­larly dole out Dy­ing Fe­tus-bait­ing beat­downs while avoid­ing typ­i­cal break­downs, jack­ing up their en­ergy via drum­mer Justin Spaeth’s ram­pag­ing blasts, Slayer beats and dou­ble-bass drills.

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