Metal Hammer (UK) - - Fresh Meat - Cana­dian three-piece un­cover a new res­o­nance for doom CH­ERYL CARTER

Doom has long been a sturdy sub­genre; with the tra­di­tional route still be­ing lov­ingly main­tained, it’s freed oth­ers to go down the fu­ne­real route or com­bine the base el­e­ments with death me­tal. Völur, how­ever, take their doom in a dif­fer­ent di­rec­tion, for­go­ing the stan­dard gui­tars for the in­clu­sion of mourn­ful vi­o­lin in­stead. Where 2013’s Disir dealt with hero­ines from Ger­manic lore, this new work fol­lows their male coun­ter­parts. The Cana­di­ans are tread­ing in the foot­steps of SubRosa by us­ing ethe­real strings to evoke fan­tas­tic lands and he­roes with Laura C Bates’ vi­o­lin ex­press­ing more sor­row­ful tones while the bass ex­plores melody to build lay­ers of ten­sion. Lu­cas Gadke bel­lows out over Breaker of Skulls, heat­ing up the folky tex­tures that cloak the record and as the track moves into gor­geous, echo­ing strings and then to som­bre cries, An­ces­tors re­veals shades of dark­ness that sink deep un­der the skin and push emo­tion to the sur­face, en­tranc­ing all who en­counter them.

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