DEAR JUR­GEN, Have you got a fid­get spin­ner?

Metal Hammer (UK) - - Your Shout - ALEC MARCH

Jur­gen says: How dare you! My sphinc­ter is no midget, it is per­fectly pro­por­tioned!! What? Fid­get… Spin­ner?! Speak up, drib­bling Bri­tish Myrkur­toast lest I pour two litres of Mikael Ake­vitt down your throat to clear your pipes, fol­lowed by a bo­hemian Ratzeputz chaser and a lit match. As it hap­pens, Nils ad­mits to a hav­ing the diminu­tive play­thing of which you speak, and has in­vited me around to place my fin­gers on it, have a flick and re­lieve some stress. AIIIEEE !!!!

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