DEAR JUR­GEN, What Net­flix show should I start next?

Metal Hammer (UK) - - Your Shout - DAVE BAYLISS

Jur­gen says: AIIIEEEE !!!! Lis­ten up, vole-chas­ing, Bri­tish bearer of the smeg-en­crust­edup­per lip be­fore I feed your fam­ily into a Ay-caramba Har­vester and laugh in your face when you apol­o­gise. I will ad­mit that Iron Fist gives me a lit­tle glow in­side, but I turned away in dis­gust when I saw the cat­e­gory: Trend­ing Now. NO TRENDS !!!! So now, with the help of a colan­der, a pair of elk antlers, five yards of coax­ial ca­ble and a help­ing of lo­cal fungi for gen­eral sus­te­nance, I’ve rigged up a satel­lite dish aimed in the gen­eral di­rec­tion of my na­tive Sør­botn and have been watch­ing my favourite game show hosts, Har­ald and Olve, as they take un­wit­ting con­tes­tants up a moun­tain and de­mand: “You have choice, MU­SIC OR FRAC­TURE!!!” Oh, how I make the laugh, the laugh, the laugh… Hmmm, I seem to have wo­ken up next to a pile of stiff socks, must be laun­dry day, and sea­son three of Drag Race in its lat­ter stages. Nils! Pull me a stiff drink!

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