Metal Hammer (UK) - - The 90s Issue: 1993 - REX BROWN BASSIST, PAN­TERA

WhaT Was The gen­eral feel­ing in The Pan­Tera camP When The 90s daWned?

“One word: in­de­struc­tible. It was us against the world and we gave ev­ery­one the big mid­dle fin­ger. A lot of peo­ple didn’t know what to think of us when Cow­boys From Hell came out [in 1990], but then we did 338 days on the road, took three weeks off and went into the stu­dio and started mak­ing Vul­gar… That was just a fuckin’ mind­blow­ing ex­pe­ri­ence.

All these riffs com­ing out of us… man, it was in­sane. I lis­tened to it and thought, ‘Holy shit, what have we done?’”

did iTs suc­cess Take you by sur­Prise?

“We knew it was pos­si­ble. But it was our life­long dream and it was all com­ing true. When the money started fly­ing out of the trees, we didn’t know what to do. It was like, ‘OK, I’d bet­ter go and buy a house or some­thing… ha ha ha!’”

WhaT did you do in your doWn­Time?

“I played a lot of golf. We toured a lot with Ozzy and it was al­ways one day on, one day off. You’re bored as fuck out there, so I’d go golf­ing dur­ing the day and then I’d come back and I’d cook out for the whole crew. We were also very thirsty beasts in those days!”

hoW ridicu­lous did Pan­Tera’s col­lec­Tive drink­ing be­come?

“Oh man, I don’t drink any­more but back then it was crazy. I don’t know how we fuckin’ did it. Dime was some­times up for a cou­ple of days straight. Those were some of his best per­for­mances, be­lieve it or not. He’d play off the cuff. I thought he couldn’t fuckin’ stand up, but he’d get up and play his ass off. We were a very func­tion­ing al­co­holic band.”

WhaT Was The high PoinT of The 90s for you?

“Oh, man, just the fuckin’ chem­istry be­tween us. I’ll never ex­pe­ri­ence any­thing like that again.”

and The loW PoinT?

“Philip’s over­dose shook ev­ery­body up pretty good. It was just a mis­take that hap­pened but it opened up a lot of eyes, and from there I just felt bad for him, be­cause there were so many eyes watch­ing all the time. The guy was in pain.”

WhaT al­bum sums uP The 90s for you?

“On a per­sonal level I would have to say Vul­gar Dis­play Of Power, be­cause noth­ing else comes close to that. I don’t re­mem­ber what I was lis­ten­ing to back then, if I’m to­tally hon­est. It be­comes a big fuckin’ blur. But I do think that Soundgar­den’s Badmotorfi­nger was a killer record and we cer­tainly jammed that a good few times on the bus. Facelift, the first Alice In Chains al­bum, was fuckin’

great, too.”

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