With our 300th is­sue unit­ing metal’s big­gest names to talk through the is­sues that mat­ter, we thought we’d re­set the bal­ance with you guys. So, we asked…

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Men­tal health. We are los­ing so many stars due to de­pres­sion and anx­i­ety, which un­for­tu­nately can cre­ate a slip­pery slope to­wards drink­ing, drugs or suicide – Chester Ben­ning­ton and Chris Cor­nell be­ing two re­cent, sad cases. The metal com­mu­nity has to do more to pro­vide treat­ment for those who are al­ways in the lime­light. We can not af­ford to lose an­other huge tal­ent due to poor treat­ment of men­tal health.

ROB YOUNG Not sup­port­ing your favourite bands. No­body buys music any­more – it’s all streamed and that’s why it’s so hard to fi­nan­cially make it in music. We all need to at­tend shows, buy al­bums and buy mer­chan­dise. It’s not even ex­cit­ing when a new al­bum comes out any­more be­cause you’ll have it for free the sec­ond it re­leases. Where’s the adren­a­line and ea­ger­ness gone? We should be stand­ing out­side record

stores ready to buy vinyls and CDs! TAY­LOR HASH

Younger gen­er­a­tions not be­ing ex­posed to enough dif­fer­ent types of music. There are few radio sta­tions that play rock/metal in most ar­eas in com­par­i­son to hun­dreds of radio sta­tions con­stantly play­ing main­stream, generic music, and most par­ents don’t take the time to ex­pose their chil­dren to other types of things, so they’re not re­ally be­ing given a chance to make up their own minds.


The sin­gle big­gest is­sue fac­ing metal th­ese days is the metal elit­ists. Peo­ple are too wor­ried about what other peo­ple’s per­sonal choices are. No one cares about the big­ger pic­ture in metal – when bands that they don’t like sell out huge venues they call them trash or ‘not real metal’ when they don’t re­alise that the more bands get recog­ni­tion, the more it helps our genre grow! MANNY AREIZAGA

I think the big­gest is­sue fac­ing metal is stereo­types. Peo­ple who don’t lis­ten to metal gen­er­ally claim we are sa­tanic, vi­o­lent and evil. Me­tal­heads usu­ally have a kind heart for ev­ery­one, how­ever, as soon as you tell some­one you’re into metal they im­me­di­ately judge us all ex­ces­sively. They be­lieve what they’re told, not what they know. JAKE PORTAS That we won’t have the head­lin­ers of tomorrow if peo­ple don’t take the time (when phys­i­cally and fi­nan­cially pos­si­ble) to check out bands in their lo­cal pubs/venues. Fans of live music are just as im­por­tant as ev­ery­thing else in the scene!


Not enough peo­ple are pre­pared to take a risk on new and up­com­ing young bands. We tend to fall back on bands that will ensure tick­ets sales and merch sales with­out en­dors­ing new tal­ent and push­ing newer bands up front. We need fi­nan­cial sup­port for newer acts who aren’t go­ing any­where due to lack of funds and in­vest­ment. HEATHER GIBB

2017 has no gui­tar heroes. Al­though there are many tech­ni­cally skilled play­ers, there are fewer in­no­va­tive play­ers who come up with new tech­niques, new ways to com­bine scales that cre­ate a new at­mos­phere in the music, and so on. ROMMEL ROMERO

Too many sub­gen­res. It’s all metal. over­clas­si­fy­ing music takes all of the won­der out of the art as­pect of music for me. Who cares if you’re lis­ten­ing to some made-up sub­genre that no one has ever even heard of? If you like what you hear, then please leave it at that. It’s just metal


The lack of mosh­pit eti­quette and band­ing to­gether as a group to show unity. When did we lose our ca­ma­raderie as fans and start spew­ing so much ha­tred to­wards each other? WENDY BAIN


“I think the rea­son we’re hav­ing this con­ver­sa­tion is be­cause of the last 10 years of al­ter­na­tive music be­ing sat­u­rated with rub­bish. There are ab­so­lutely fu­ture fes­ti­val head­lin­ers out there – look at Bring Me The hori­zon. Not all of their records have been my thing, but they’re go­ing to head­line Down­load at some point. But I do think we have a prob­lem in 2017 of look­ing back all the time. ev­ery­thing is nos­tal­gia, and be­cause of that, we’ve strug­gled to make an iden­tity for this decade.”


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