Metal Hammer (UK) - - THE BIG REVIEW 2017 -



Nor­way’s finest prog ex­po­nents after for­mer black metal em­peror Ih­sahn (for whom lep­rous’s mem­bers com­prise the tour­ing band) re­turned, with a slickly honed ver­sion of their melod­i­cally melo­dra­matic histri­on­ics. Malina some­how man­aged to ef­fec­tively com­bine enough ab­sorb­ing tech­ni­cal pro­fi­ciency to please the tech-heads with ac­ces­si­bly huge songs, rife with riff after riff and supremely mem­o­rable, lushly tex­tured and aer­ated hooks surely ca­pa­ble of tear­ing down sta­di­ums.


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