The fol­low-up to The Satanist is fi­nally upon us

Metal Hammer (UK) - - 2018: The Year Ahead -

Fol­low­ing up one of the sin­gle great­est metal al­bums of the 21st cen­tury is no easy feat, so it’s per­haps un­der­stand­able that Be­he­moth haven’t rushed them­selves into pro­duc­ing their 11th stu­dio full-length. Plus, there’s been the small mat­ter of Nergal’s Me And That Man project, not to men­tion a t-shirt con­tro­versy along the way. This year, though, it’s time for ex­treme metal’s mod­ern over­lords to re­claim their throne.

“From now on, my full en­ergy goes on Be­he­moth,” pledges Nergal. “I am su­perex­cited about the lyrics for the new record and it seems like I’ll be writ­ing most of it.

I’m very in­spired.”

Em­pha­sis­ing that the Pol­ish heavy­weights are “not re­ally rush­ing” to get the new al­bum out, we should still an­tic­i­pate a new Be­he­moth record well be­fore the end of 2018 – with a new video ex­pected to land early in the year. Re­gard­less, you can guar­an­tee that when the al­bum comes, it’ll be some­thing truly spe­cial.

“We al­ways want to make sure that when an al­bum’s done, you can be sure that we’re proud of it,” he pledges. “As long as we’re su­per-happy, that’s the mo­ment we’re go­ing to hand it over to peo­ple.”

The front­man also ad­mits that dab­bling in folkier ter­ri­to­ries with Me And That Man had an in­di­rect im­pact on his de­sire to push for­ward with what comes next in his day job.

“When I was done with The Satanist, I was pretty much done with any mu­sic,” he muses. “I was like, ‘I don’t know if there’s any more ex­treme metal mu­sic in me.’ So I had to level out my en­ergy with Me And That Man, and sur­pris­ingly, once I went back to the ‘black metal cave’ af­ter that, I was more cre­ative than ever. I couldn’t stop mak­ing songs!

Usu­ally, I’m su­per-burnt-out [af­ter an al­bum cy­cle], but at this stage, not only am I still full of ideas, I feel like

I’m on drugs! I feel pumped. I’m hun­gry.”

In terms of where this next record will sit in the Be­he­moth canon, we should only ex­pect one thing: Be­he­moth mov­ing for­wards at all costs.

“Evan­ge­lion was the most per­fectly recorded and per­fect sound­ing record, but then The Satanist was some­thing else,” Nergal re­marks. “The new one is go­ing to be some­thing else once again, I’m sure about it. So when peo­ple tell me, ‘You need to top The Satanist ’… I don’t need to top any­thing. I just want to make sure we take curves with our ca­reer. We’re gonna take a dif­fer­ent di­rec­tion in or­der not to get stuck in the same pat­tern.”

On other plans for the year ahead, Nergal points to some “amaz­ing tour­ing plans”, “ex­tra pyro” and “no bull­shit”.

“What we’re com­ing up with,” he fin­ishes,

“is gonna be a lethal fuck­ing weapon.”

You have been warned. Watch this space for all things Be­he­moth over the com­ing months.



Nergal is putting to­gether some­thing spe­cial for 2018

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