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LA fire­brands bring the heat to a frozen Lon­don

TonighT’s open­ers, iTal­ian/amer­i­cans

KLOGR [7] pum­mel through an alt-metal mash-up of post-grunge and melo-prog that sim­mers be­low cleanly sung hooks. Less in­spir­ing are EYES SET TO KILL [6], who ped­dle an unimag­i­na­tive cover of The cran­ber­ries’ Zom­bie and bandy around catchy but generic hooks like they’ve got them on tap. Maybe it’s be­cause the cap­i­tal is still hi­ber­nat­ing af­ter a week of brass-knack­ers weather, but as BUTCHER BA­BIES [7] take the stage, The Dome is only about half full. re­gard­less, front­women Heidi Shep­herd and carla Har­vey would put on the same show if they were play­ing to 10 peo­ple or 10,000. From opener Lilith, which rev­els in creepy am­bi­ence and chunky riffs, the evening is an on­slaught of in­sa­tiable energy, and wind­milling ex­ten­sions. Although they’re of­ten de­rided for per­form­ing top­less with Wendy o Wil­liams-style tape on their nip­ples 10 years ago, the Ba­bies’ work ethic is sec­ond to none and their vo­cals de­serve way more credit than they’re af­forded. Heidi in­forms us that she’s lost her voice but her acer­bic shrieks on Burn The Straw Man, as well as her clean vo­cals, are on point, the per­fect foil for carla’s rougher, blud­geon­ing growls. Mu­si­cally too, re­cent tracks like Korova and Head­spin are huge im­prove­ments on the band’s ear­lier, more rudi­men­tary metal like Mon­ster’s Ball and In De­nial in terms of groove, melody and mem­o­ra­bil­ity. Butcher Ba­bies con­tinue to prove their haters wrong at ev­ery turn.

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