How do you in­ter­view a guy who’s heard it all? We got Jonathan Davis, Brann Dailor, Si­mone Si­mons and more to in­ter­ro­gate the Prince Of Dark­ness


Ozzy Os­bourne is be­gin­ning his long bow out from tour­ing, in­clud­ing a head­line spot at Down­load fes­ti­val this June. But what do you ask the man who has seen and done it all? We col­lected ques­tions from some of the big­gest mu­si­cians in our world. And as you’d ex­pect with the Dou­ble O, he’s not one to shy away from giv­ing an an­swer… even if it’s not nec­es­sar­ily to the ques­tion you asked.

DO YOU STILL HAVE THE SAME PAS­SION FOR MU­SIC IN YOUR 60S AS YOU DID WHEN YOU WERE 20? Jonathan Davis, Korn OZZY: “To be hon­est with you, I don’t know any­thing else, I’m no good at any­thing else. Peo­ple think I’m re­tir­ing, I’m not re­tir­ing, I’m just not go­ing to go on the road for fuck­ing five years at a time. I’ll still do gigs, just not world tours. It’s in my blood. I’ve never done any­thing else for 50 years. It’s a bit late in the day to go, ‘I don’t like mu­sic any more’! Ha ha ha!”

WAS THERE A POINT IN YOUR CA­REER WHERE YOU THOUGHT, ‘THIS IS RE­ALLY BIG, I’M REV­O­LU­TION­IS­ING HEAVY MU­SIC’? Dani Win­ter-Bates, Bury To­mor­row OZZY: “No. With Sab­bath we just did it. I don’t know how to de­scribe it. There were bands like Cream and Led Zep­pelin, and they had this edge, and The Kinks’ You Re­ally Got Me. I was just play­ing it on my iPad, it’s sim­ple riffs, but I remember when I first heard it – it sent a chill down my spine. That’s what we went for – mak­ing your hair stand on end.”

Ozzy swears to tell the truth and noth­ing but the truth…

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