The Ar­chi­tect MIGHTY MU­SIC Dirgy Dan­ish met­allers broaden their be­wil­der­ing pal­ette

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With so much tech­ni­cal and pro­gres­sive mu­sic so clean and pol­ished, it’s nice to hear a band like Annominus, who still have raw tenac­ity and a rough-around-theedges ap­proach, hav­ing moved on from the more pol­ished mod­ern man­ners of their de­but, End Of Atone­ment. Opener Dis­tinc­tive im­bues clas­sic metal riff­ing with an­gu­lar dis­so­nance, while the gothic over­tones of Sub­mer­tia sees Ja­cob Zinn’s charis­matic vo­cals, sit­ting some­where be­tween M. Shadows’ histri­onic au­thor­ity and Brian Molko’s idio­syn­cratic sneer, adding an abra­sive edge to its lofty goals. As the al­bum pro­gresses, the grit and brains of Mastodon’s early crunch make them­selves known, as Nau­tilus blends more awk­ward tones, while the flurry of notes that car­ries Lo­gos con­founds be­fore a mighty riff sum­mons an­other un­com­fort­able cho­rus. Of­ten dif­fi­cult to lis­ten to and com­pre­hend, The Ar­chi­tect is none­the­less al­ways ask­ing ques­tions. FOR FANS OF: MASTODON, SYS­TEM OF A DOWN, NEVERMORE


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