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A labyrinth of dark rooms and graf­fi­tied walls, electrower­kz is the per­fect set­ting for 3TeeTH’s filthy in­dus­trial metal. The lA cy­ber-war­riors only stepped off a de­layed long-haul flight a cou­ple of hours ago, but the first vis­ceral beats of Di­vine Weapon land with enough force to de­stroy the ex­posed pipework, never mind the jet­lag. Tal­is­manic front­man Alexis Min­cella is a fas­ci­nat­ing in­di­vid­ual – his ex­pla­na­tion of the con­cept for al­bum <shut­down.exe.> will bog­gle your head – but he’s even more in­trigu­ing in the flesh. Dressed head to toe in leather, with a floppy mo­hawk and round sun­glasses, he oozes the kind of pow­er­ful aura that sits densely on the air, hyp­notic to watch. On Atro­phy and Slave­god, his vo­cal cords sound like they’ve been rubbed down with cor­ro­sive acid, matched by the cold in­ten­sity of X-Day, which grinds to life like a hellish death ma­chine. The set cli­maxes with an ex­plo­sive Ni­hil in a crush of strobes, snap­ping metal jaws and Front line Assem­bly­meets-Rammstein fe­roc­ity, leav­ing a writhing, ex­hil­a­rated room bel­low­ing for more.


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