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Stoner rock ti­tans carve a new set of tablets


to see us,” says MOTH’S [7] singer Har­riet Hyde, for­giv­ing the pun­ters who only got there early to park up in the best blunt-smok­ing spot away from se­cu­rity. Rock’n’roll Sab­bath isn’t new but with Har­riet’s post-punk vo­cal bent and new­comer Fed­er­ica Gialanze’s in­cen­di­ary riffs, they de­serve the big crowd.

All hail SLEEP [9]! A month ago these stoner icons re­leased The Sciences – their first al­bum since 2003’s Dopesmoker – with no warn­ing. The ver­dict? New Sleep is as pristinely glacial and me­galithic as any­thing you’d hear on Sleep’s Holy Moun­tain. Pre­viewed as a live-stu­dio bonus track on Dopesmoker, the re­vamped Sonic Ti­tan is a heavyassed high­light, grind­ing away minute upon minute, be­fore spring­ing to life with Matt Pike’s rip­chord solo while Al Cis­neros’s hyp­notic bass and mantric vo­cals on Antarc­ti­cans Thawed guide the sea of nod­ding heads like a weary but deter­mined pil­grim­age. The Botanist is an ex­pan­sive in­stru­men­tal, un­nerv­ing in its screech­ing, psy­che­delic crawl. At least 10 amps line the stage flecked with blood cell-like light pools. Al re­mains tight-lipped and static ex­cept for his neck-bob as the bare-chested Matt blazes heavy-laden riff­tu­als. Neurosis skin-pounder Ja­son Roeder, whose tempo-set­ting skills are un­fath­omable, is the for­mi­da­ble ver­te­brae to this set. They close first with Drag­o­naut then on the first beat of Dopesmoker a fan in full wee­dian re­galia surfs to the front, adding the fi­nal touch to Sleep’s mag­nif­i­cent re­turn.

Black Moth draw the early pun­ters like, er, moths to a flame

Al Cis­neros sends us all off to an­other plane

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