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er­ror­zone CLOSED CAS­KET AC­TIV­I­TIES Mas­sachusetts har­ri­ers re-smash the hard­core mould Last year’s SELF

Destruct EP might have of­fered a mere four tracks in four min­utes, but in that brief time Vein served no­tice that they were a band with the po­ten­tial to turn in some­thing truly ter­ri­fy­ing when their de­but full-length came our way. Now, af­ter that tan­ta­lis­ing taste, comes er­ror­zone, where shit re­ally starts to get real.

Much like their peers in Code Or­ange, Vein deal in ir­re­sistible but im­pos­si­ble-to-pin-down-hard­core, and (fairly lazy) com­par­isons are bound to be made with Slip­knot – al­though the drum and bass clat­ter of opener virus://vi­brance does beau­ti­fully re­call the Iowans’ clas­sic Eye­less. That’s do­ing Vein a dis­ser­vice, though; there are far more nods to early 00s hard­core pioneers like Botch in the way bro­ken glass com­plex­ion lay­ers a mul­ti­tude of scream­ing vo­cal pat­terns over a mathy riff, or spas­modic, jazzy men­tal­ists Drown­ing­man on the grind, stop, chug and re­peat groove of doomtech, or the con­stantly, tightly wound pre­ci­sion riff­ing of Poi­son The Well through­out. There are even nods to ev­ery­one from God­flesh’s gristly in­dus­trial hum in anes­the­sia and Quick­sand’s raw, melodic emo­tion on the al­bum’s ti­tle track. Es­sen­tially, Vein have taken ev­ery­thing good from heavy mu­sic in the last 25 years, smashed it up and re-com­part­men­talised it into their own, ugly new form.

Of course, it’s one thing blur­ring genre lines, it’s an­other to make it this con­sis­tently bril­liant, and there is not one sec­ond you would lose on er­ror­zone. Hard­core is in a re­ally good place, both cre­atively and com­mer­cially, post-Code Or­ange Grammy boom, and peo­ple will cer­tainly be look­ing for more bands in the scene that can fol­low them into more main­stream ar­eas. er­ror­zone is a record that puts Vein in the po­si­tion as the clos­est chal­lengers to that mo­nop­oly – the Deftones to Code Or­ange’s Korn, if you will. Most im­pres­sively of all, they’ve done it on their first try.

If, like many peo­ple, you thought Con­jurer had the de­but al­bum of 2018 al­ready sewn up, then think again. It might be the first span­ner Vein have thrown into the works of the metal scene, but, mark our words, it won’t be the last. Es­sen­tial.


Vein: hard­core’s new heavy hit­ters

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