Three al­bums whose pro­tag­o­nists faced down death

Metal Hammer (UK) - - Årabrot -


The Satanist


One of the most ac­claimed ex­treme me­tal al­bums of all time, this richly evoca­tive jour­ney through the dark­est of shad­ows was in­spired pri­mar­ily by front­man Ner­gal’s bat­tle with leukaemia. You can al­most hear the sick­ness churn­ing away in the scabrous riffs of Messe Noire and In The Ab­sence Ov Light. Me­tal has sel­dom been so vivid or raw. BELPHE­GOR Con­jur­ing The Dead (2014)

It took six weeks for Belphe­gor front­man Hel­muth Lehner to re­cover from a vi­cious dose of ty­phoid fever, con­tracted through drink­ing from in­fected wa­ter while on tour in South Amer­ica in 2011. Hav­ing sur­vived, he chan­nelled the ex­pe­ri­ence into his band’s 10th al­bum, bel­low­ing ‘Dis­ease and suf­fer­ing will set you free!’ with madeyed venom.


Our Raw Heart


Surely des­tined to be one of this year’s most cel­e­brated al­bums,

Our Raw Heart was writ­ten after Yob front­man Mike Scheidt nearly died from an at­tack of acute di­ver­ti­c­uli­tis, an in­sanely painful in­testi­nal dis­ease. As a re­sult, ev­ery riff, melody and mo­ment of wild, psy­che­delic mad­ness oozes pro­found mor­tal melan­choly.

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