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Look­ing For To­day

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RIP­PLE Psy­che­delic West Coast rock­ers get stuck in the past Within the in­creas­ingly clus­tered labyrinths of 70s re­vival­ism, bands gen­er­ally skew to­ward one of two stylis­tic out­looks: ei­ther the melodic, pop­cen­tered ef­fer­ves­cence of the flower power gen­er­a­tion or the sin­is­ter, fuzzed-out doom of rock’s darker pas­sages. LA’s

The Rare Breed fall squarely into the lat­ter. Their seven-track de­but chan­nels an au­then­tic slice of head-bob­bing psychedeli­a, Nixon-era para­noia and eye­ball-rat­tling bad acid trips. Look­ing For To­day isn’t about the in­di­vid­ual songs as much as it is about tap­ping into that claus­tro­pho­bic 70s doom me­tal vibe. Druggy riffs, chug­ging tem­pos and sharp, free­wheel­ing so­los abound on tracks like Moun­tain Of Dreams and Echo From The Sun. The pit­fall into which this al­bum falls, how­ever, is that in rev­er­en­tially con­jur­ing a cer­tain sound, the in­di­vid­ual tracks bleed to­gether into a tepid brew of fa­mil­iar-sound­ing riffs and Ozzy-in­spired vo­cals. Look­ing

For To­day serves up its fair share of dash­board-tap­ping mo­ments but the prob­lem is that you’ve heard it all be­fore. FOR FANS OF: UN­CLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS, BLOOD CER­E­MONY, CHURCH OF MIS­ERY

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