iced earth Wolf (hor­ror Show, 2001)

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Jon Schaf­fer’s Hor­ror Show con­cept dated back to a 1986 demo tape (when the band were still called Pur­ga­tory), but the idea was brought to fruition 16 years later. of all the al­bum’s movie-themed songs, this face-rip­ping opener is the most pow­er­ful, mu­si­cally and lyri­cally; rapid-fire stac­cato tech-thrash brings us into the frag­ment­ing mind of larry tal­bot, Universal’s most mun­danely named clas­sic Mon­ster. It’s a suc­cinct retelling of 1941’s

The Wolf Man, where lon chaney Jr gave a mem­o­rable por­trayal of a good man forcibly stricken with mur­der­ous evil, and Matt Bar­low’s im­plor­ing vo­cals ad­mirably re­flect poor larry’s in­ner tur­moil.

CHOICE LYRIC: “Now comes the ram­page, a killing spree / Hunt­ing his loved ones comes in­stinc­tively / Oh no, it’s mad­den­ing / A shape-shift­ing de­mon of pure lu­nacy!”

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