aBorted The La­ment Configurat­ion (the Pu­rity of PerverSion, 1999)

Metal Hammer (UK) - - Horror Songs -

the kings of Bel­gian death metal could have filled this en­tire piece them­selves, such is their pen­chant for hor­ror-in­debted, gory may­hem. that said, this slice from 1999 de­but full-length The Pu­rity Of Perversion, in­spired by the puz­zle­box at the heart of the Hell­raiser se­ries, is a par­tic­u­larly de­lec­ta­ble slab of gut­tural majesty. Fu­ri­ous, buz­z­saw gui­tars clash over pum­melling blast­beats as front­man Sven ‘Sven­cho’ de caluwé takes us on a lyri­cal jour­ney that reads like some­thing from a mur­der biopsy. We can only as­sume Pinhead and the gang would have heartily ap­proved of such filth.

CHOICE LYRIC: “His ran­cid stink­ing spunk, sparkling in the moon­light / Torn apart by hooks, cere­bral lobes are emerg­ing / From the cav­i­ties, con­vul­sive re­gur­gi­ta­tions / Of de­com­posed en­trails”

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