dokken Dream War­riors (BaCk for the at­taCk, 1987)

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Many fans ar­gue the best Freddy Krueger movie is A Night­mare On Elm Street 3: Dream War­riors, and not just be­cause this killer Dokken track is on the sound­track. al­though that cer­tainly helps. the con­tin­u­ing saga of nasty old Freddy, this time fo­cused on killing the last re­main­ing chil­dren of the peo­ple who burned him to death, it was a suit­ably ridicu­lous and taste­less ad­di­tion to the Night­mare On Elm Street fran­chise. and that’s why we love it. Back in 1987, Dokken were metal heavy­weights in the US, which made this a bloody and bom­bas­tic match made in hell.

CHOICE LYRIC: “I lie awake and dread the lonely nights / I’m not alone / I won­der if these heavy eyes can face the un­known”

Dokken pre­pare to never sleep again

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