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Ab­sence makes the heart grow fonder, and the riffs stronger

loss: it’s a part of the hu­man ex­pe­ri­ence. Pijn’s sec­ond al­bum deals with this con­cept in all its forms, cre­at­ing a four-di­men­sional sound­scape from their per­sonal lives and from fans’ sto­ries, work­ing their way into the mu­sic and al­bum art. De­spite the bleak sub­ject mat­ter, Loss is oddly com­fort­ing; warm­ing tex­tures swell through­out the al­most one­hour run­time, en­com­pass­ing all they touch, grow­ing ever larger like Cart­man’s trap­per-keeper. Pijn em­brace the riff on the likes of Distress and Blush, evok­ing flavours of Go­jira or in­stru­men­tal peers Pel­i­can, but un­like other ‘post’ bands, Loss is more earthy, cre­at­ing some­thing much more con­nect­ing than those who in­sist on show­ing off their tech­ni­cal­ity. And while the in­stru­men­ta­tion is a multi-lay­ered ta­pes­try of shim­mer­ing artistry, in­clud­ing an anx­i­ety-in­duc­ing vi­o­lin, its core is a yawn­ing pit of grief. This is the sound of suf­fer­ing. FOR FANS OF: BOSSK, WEAR YOUR WOUNDS, TALONS


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