To­tal Re­tal­i­a­tion

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LA’s hard­core mob prove that di­nosaurs are still fucking cool Ter­ror’s stub­born com­mit­ment to old-school hard­core may seem tire­some to some when the scene they ex­ist within is mak­ing such thrilling ad­vances, but the old adage of not fix­ing things that are bro­ken im­me­di­ately springs to mind when con­sid­er­ing To­tal Re­tal­i­a­tion. Save for the 90-sec­ond hip hop break of Post Ar­maged­don In­ter­lude, this is straight-up, pure punk rock ag­gres­sion, stomp­ing beat­downs, huge barked gang vo­cal chants and Scott Vo­gel’s vein-pop­ping snarl from start to fin­ish. If you’re a Ter­ror dis­ci­ple you’ll love this record, es­pe­cially when imag­in­ing just how great a song like Break The Lock will sound in their live set. If, how­ever, you be­lieve that the bar for what hard­core as a genre can do has risen over the last few years then this might just be noth­ing more than an en­joy­able dis­trac­tion. FOR FANS OF: MADBALL, KNUCKLEDUS­T, EARTH CRI­SIS


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