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It still seems a bold move for the world’s big­gest me­tal band to open a new record with a grind­ing dirge by Stoke’s most bru­tal punk ter­ror­ists. Once hated by the punk press for their re­lent­lessly ba­sic, bleak noise as­saults – ham­mered out to a fran­tic stut­ter­ing rhythm (the ‘d-beat’, it­self in­spir­ing a global sub­genre) – Dis­charge laid the tem­plate for metal­lic hard­core, and were keenly adopted by the me­tal un­der­ground.

There was a 90s mini-in­dus­try in Dis­charge cov­ers among dis­cern­ing me­tal big­wigs such as An­thrax, Ma­chine Head and Soulfly, but with this face-rip­ping opener, Me­tal­lica stayed faith­ful to the orig­i­nal (from sem­i­nal 1982 de­but Hear Noth­ing See

Noth­ing Say Noth­ing), while slow­ing it down to a metal­lic grind.

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