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This was the Garage Inc track clos­est to Ja­son New­sted’s heart. “Geezer But­ler is my favourite bassist of all time,” he told fan club mag­a­zine So

What! “So need­less to say, that was the shit, and the one that I tried the hard­est to pay the most at­ten­tion to be ul­tra-re­spect­ful on.”

From the Brum­mie me­tal in­ven­tors’ fifth LP, Sab­bath Bloody Sab­bath, it was an unusu­ally chirpy, loved-up rock’n’roll tune. “It’s that open­ing riff that just re­ally gets us go­ing,” Kirk said in 1998, when Me­tal­lica were still in the stu­dio play­ing around with the song. “We might try to glue Sabbra

Cadabra to­gether with an­other Sab­bath song.” In the event, A Na­tional Ac­ro­bat was plucked from the same al­bum and in­ter­po­lated into the mid-sec­tion, neatly segu­ing from a care­free song about shag­ging to some of Geezer’s weight­i­est lyri­cal con­cerns (al­though sadly this meant we didn’t get to hear James sing, ‘Lovely lay-yay-yayyay-deh’).

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