(Dis­charge gui­tarist 1977-82, 2001+)

Metal Hammer (UK) - - Metallica -

When did you hear that Me­tal­lica would be cov­er­ing Dis­charge?

“Some­body men­tioned to us one day, ‘Did you know Me­tal­lica have cov­ered two of your songs?’ I didn’t know any­thing about it!”

Why do you think so many bands cover Dis­charge?

“Easy to do, in­nit?! Ha ha ha! The thing is, out of all the tracks I’ve ever heard, no­body’s ever got it right. It’s nearly there, but there’s some­thing miss­ing. No­body has ever recre­ated it. Even we haven’t recre­ated that orig­i­nal sound; it was just a one-off. Lucky day, wasn’t it?!”

How close is the bond be­tween Dis­charge and Me­tal­lica?

“I met ’em a few times in the 80s at CBGBs and places like that. They came to watch us some­where in Lon­don a few years ago; they were play­ing the O2 the day af­ter. They didn’t speak to us, but they saw us. They tried to blag a free t-shirt, but the per­son sell­ing them didn’t seem to know who they were, so they didn’t get one!”

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