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Once upon a time, there was a man with a trum­pet. And when he was a sol­dier in the US Army land­ing on the beaches of Nor­mandy, he kept it by his side. Once, when he was stand­ing guard at night, his cap­tain told him: "Don't play tonight, there's a sharp­shooter out there." But our man thought: "That guy out there is just as scared and lonely as me. I'll play a piece for him." The next day, a POW was brought into the camp, and he asked: "Who is the trum­peter that played "Lill Mar­leen" last night? When I heard that song, the war was over for me - I just couldn't use my gun any more." The man with the trum­pet was called Jack Leroy Tueller. And though it may sound like a fairy tale, this is a true story. A story only mu­sic can write.

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