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The Or­der

AGONIA Epic, Athe­nian fury with mon­strous po­ten­tial You know where you stand when an al­bum be­gins with ‘Vive morte!’ be­ing screamed by a ma­niac. Lu­cifer’s Child set out their stall on 2015’s scabrous de­but The Wic­can, but The

Or­der is a more in­tense and im­pe­ri­ous af­fair, as the Greeks’ grandiose black me­tal as­sault be­comes si­mul­ta­ne­ously more re­fined and fu­ri­ous. With only oc­ca­sional bursts of the at­mo­spheric, quasire­li­gious trim­mings that have be­come ubiq­ui­tous in re­cent years, songs like Black Heart and the ti­tle track are free to be in­fer­nal me­tal an­thems with real cross­over ap­peal. Else­where, Fall Of The Rebel

An­gels is all punk rock poi­son and Mer­cy­ful Fate menace. Gui­tarist Ge­orge Em­manuel’s so­los are a con­tin­ual rev­e­la­tion, too; fer­vently old school but al­ways per­fectly pitched, they add to a sense that Lu­cifer’s Child have the skills and pas­sion to out­grow their cult sta­tus.

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