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Wake The Sleep­ing Dragon

CEN­TURY ME­DIA NY’s hard­core punk heroes keep their fur­nace fully stoked When talk­ing about vet­eran bands the phrase ‘They’ve never sounded bet­ter’ gets bandied around a lot. It’s usu­ally non­sense, and Sick Of It All should be held up as a barom­e­ter of what ac­tu­ally re­fus­ing to age, slow down or lose any of the fire that made your early years so vi­tal ac­tu­ally sounds like. Once more they’ve de­liv­ered a set of ut­terly rag­ing and to­tally in­spir­ing hard­core. What of­ten gets over­looked with Sick Of It All is the fact that this isn’t just oned­i­men­sional hard­core punk. Bull’s An­them goes full Drop­kick Mur­phy’s punch-drunk bar room sin­ga­long, and Al­ways

With Us is a bril­liant and emo­tion­ally stir­ring half time chugged ode to lost friends. So, al­though they might have sounded bet­ter on, say, Scratch The Sur­face,

Sick Of It All have al­ways sounded bet­ter than 99% of their peers… and they still do.

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