Last month on met­al­ham­mer. com, Stephen Hill made the case for Metal­lica’s Lulu be­ing a mis­un­der­stood opus. It seems you weren’t happy about it.

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HE SAID: “The rea­son so many feel so neg­a­tively to­wards it is be­cause they want it to be some­thing else. Which is ridicu­lous. It’s like bit­ing into an ap­ple and be­ing an­gry that it doesn’t taste like a ba­nana. You can’t be­moan a band for re­fus­ing to leave their com­fort zone, and then stamp your feet when they don’t do what you’re used to.”

YOU SAY: I mis­un­der­stood fuck-all. I bought that shit on day one with­out read­ing any re­views or any­one else’s opin­ions – and I still haven’t fin­ished the al­bum. Dear­est cof­fee coaster I’ve ever bought. Scott McLean (Face­book)

It doesn’t mat­ter if it’s a Metal­lica, or a Lou Reed al­bum. The bot­tom line is it’s ter­ri­ble. Both artists should be ashamed by this abor­tion. Chaz Starr (Face­book)

Can you not just ac­cept no one likes it and leave it at that? It’s like tak­ing week-old pizza out of the bin and try­ing to con­vince your­self it’s still good. Tom Shel­don (Face­book)

It’s a Lou Reed al­bum not a Metal­lica al­bum, so there’s that. Not to men­tion Lou Reed was trash (my opin­ion). Ray­mond Ziegler (Face­book)

I’ve been hold­ing off on lis­ten­ing to this for a cou­ple of years, but this ar­ti­cle made me cu­ri­ous enough to give it a try. Re­grets are now be­ing had. Jade Mi­hal­icz (Face­book)

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