MEN­TOR Cults, Crypts And Corpses

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Sa­tanic rock’n’roll with a se­rial killer fas­ci­na­tion

Af­ter their 2016 de­but, Guts, Graves And Blas­phemy, Pol­ish four-piece Men­tor have sharp­ened their al­lit­er­a­tive skills for al­bum num­ber two. They’ve stepped things up a notch mu­si­cally, too, with nary a se­cond of this en­er­getic 28-minute opus wasted on any­thing other than high-oc­tane rock’n’roll, blend­ing thrash, stoner and hard­core flavours into a glee­fully acerbic cock­tail. Opener We Dig hits the ground run­ning, dish­ing out scuzzy Venom­style riffs and a hefty doom break­down in just over two and a half min­utes. Mists Of Doom delves into thick High On Fire-es­que grooves, only for Death Mask to blast into fran­tic, guns-blaz­ing thrash di­rectly af­ter, com­plete with an eerie Swedeath gui­tar har­mony outro. Sadly, the vo­cals are the weak link, al­ter­nat­ing be­tween a strained screech and generic hard­core bel­low, but the riffs are good enough to look (lis­ten?) past them.

FOR FANS OF: Zeke, Mid­night, Kvel­er­tak


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