We asked the fans at Wem­b­ley Arena why they love Slayyyy­er­rrrrrrr!

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“I was such a big Slayer fan when I was a kid. they’re so bru­tal. So when they an­nounced the dates and I saw there was no show in Por­tu­gal, I de­cided to come here. I couldn’t miss the last tour!”

inES Lon­don (orig­i­nally from Por­tu­gal)

“ev­ery­body loves Slayer, right? my mum loves Slayer! She used to go to Slayer con­certs. So I grew up with Slayer around me, so it feels im­pos­si­ble that they could ever stop. It’s scary!”


Pot­ters bar

“they’re mighty thrash gods. they made thrash what it is. they’re up there with metal­lica and me­gadeth. It’s a shame they’re stop­ping, but they’re go­ing to go out with a bang. this is go­ing to be a dis­gust­ing night and I can’t wait to get in the pit.”



“they set the foun­da­tions for all the bru­tal metal, just like Sab­bath set the foun­da­tions for metal. I re­spect them for call­ing it a day, be­cause a lot of bands trail on and you won­der if they should give up.”



“With Slayer, it’s about the com­mu­nity. they’re such an im­por­tant part of the metal scene. I’m dis­ap­pointed they’re stop­ping, but I’ve never seen them be­fore, so I’m re­ally glad we can catch them now be­fore it’s too late.”

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