Ex­treme mem­bers mean ex­treme mea­sures for the new Megadeth al­bum – but be­fore all that, what the fuck is this cruise about?

Metal Hammer (UK) - - Megadeth - WORDS: DOM LAW­SON

hello Dave. How’s life in Nashville treat­ing you? “It’s re­ally good, thank you. Out here in the coun­try, it’s a con­sid­er­ably slower pace and you can re­ally look at life and ap­pre­ci­ate it a hell of a lot more.”

Has your new environmen­t helped to­wards mak­ing mu­sic? “Well, since we just won our first Grammy [Best Metal Per­for­mance in 2017, for Dystopia’s ti­tle track] I would think the answer to that is a big yes! I think it prob­a­bly did. We’re do­ing bet­ter now than I think we ever have. I love the line-up that we have right now, too. My guys are all great play­ers.”

What stage is the new al­bum at?

“We’ve just started. Ob­vi­ously I’m in the south and the other guys live in the south­west, so they have quite a jour­ney to come out here to the stu­dio. Dirk [Ver­beuren, drums] just came out for four days and Kiko [Loureiro, gui­tar] came out for a week. Ju­nior [David Ellef­son] has been work­ing out of his house. We’ve got all the ma­te­rial and we’ve just got to piece it to­gether. I think you’ll like it. We’re stay­ing in the same vein as Dystopia but it’s prob­a­bly go­ing to have a lot more speed.”

That must be down to Dirk [for­mer Soilwork drum­mer], right? Any blast­beats in­com­ing?

“Yeah, we’ll no doubt have our first blastbeat on this record! We’ll see how Dirk feels about that af­ter he has to play a blastbeat ev­ery night for the next 10 years… Ha ha ha!

But he’s amaz­ing. I haven’t heard drum­ming like that since Gar Sa­muel­son [drum­mer on Megadeth’s first two al­bums]. I can’t tell you how ex­cited I am to be play­ing with some­one like that, be­cause the pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less.”

The first Me­gacruise kicks off in Oc­to­ber. What should fans ex­pect from it?

“Be­cause it’s me, you have to know I’m gonna do it bet­ter than any­one else, or at least I’m gonna try. First out the gate, we’re the first ones to do it on the West Coast. So we’re go­ing out to Catalina, down to Ense­nada, back up to San Diego and then back to LA. We’ve got some cool, fun things, like a Mari­achi metal band. We’re go­ing to grab a cou­ple of cover bands that have Megadeth reper­toires and have them do karaoke. Then there’s the in­cred­i­ble line-up of bands. It’d be great to get Ex­o­dus, Slayer and Me­tal­lica on there, too, but [growly ra­dio an­nouncer voice] that boat isn’t big enough for the four of us!”

There’d likely be no Slayer re­gard­less, though…

“My gui­tar tech, Wil­lie, is stand­ing in for Slayer’s gui­tar tech and I asked him to ask the guys in Slayer if they’re in­ter­ested in do­ing an­other Big 4 show. Some­body has to say some­thing, right? There’ll be no more Big 4 shows ever when they re­tire! We’ve never done a Big 4 show in the Bay Area. It would be a great way to say farewell to these metal leg­ends, and where bet­ter to do it than in Cal­i­for­nia, where the band’s from?”

I don’t think you’d strug­gle to sell tick­ets for that…

“No, I don’t think so! Ha ha! I’m just try­ing to get word from An­thrax and Slayer to see what the rea­son is for not do­ing it. Is ev­ery­one booked? Can’t we slide a show in some­where? And if there’s no Big 4, let’s do an­other Clash Of The Ti­tans!”

With a new al­bum, the Me­gacruise and your on­go­ing ra­dio show, is next year go­ing to be in­sanely busy?

“Any more or less in­sane than any other year? Prob­a­bly not. Right now we’re prob­a­bly in the most en­joy­able part of our lives. It’s never been this good.”


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