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New Or­leans has long been a spawn­ing ground for metal. Here are five of its best bands…


masters of groovedriv­en thrash, ex­horder put New or­leans firmly on the map with their Slaugh­ter In The Vat­i­can al­bum in 1990. al­though re­leased a few months af­ter Pan­tera’s epochshat­ter­ing Cow­boys From Hell, many con­tend that this Nola crew coined the sound first.

Lis­ten to: Slaugh­ter In The Vat­i­can (1990)


the band that gave the Nola scene its de­fin­i­tive sound, eye­hat­e­god mixed lop­sided Black Sab­bath riffs with rag­ing hard­core punk, bad drugs and an op­pres­sive sense of psy­chotic de­spair. In the process, they helped to spawn the en­tire sludge metal move­ment. Lis­ten to: Take As Needed For Pain (1993)


com­ing out with their truly un­fuck­with­able de­but record, NOLA, in 1995 (hang on a god­damn minute… how the hell was that 24 years ago?!), Down com­bined swampy riffs with low­down bluesy leads and the throaty wail of Phil anselmo – then drowned it all in a ton of booze and weed. their sludgy po­tency re­mains in­tact to­day.

Lis­ten to: NOLA (1995)


the pre­cise, de­struc­tive, bowel-shat­ter­ing al­ter­na­tive to eye­hat­e­god’s slack-jawed hos­til­ity, crow­bar brought dou­ble help­ings of mus­cle and melan­choly to the nascent sludge sound. led by the gravel-gar­gling Kirk Wind­stein, they re­main one of the heav­i­est bands ever. Fact.

Lis­ten to: Odd Fel­lows Rest (1998)


es­chew­ing their peers’ slow-mo­tion ap­proach in favour of vi­cious, bug-eyed black­ened death metal, Goatwhore have spent the last two decades be­ing con­sid­er­ably more metal than you. and you can check out the Bar­ing Teeth For Re­volt video if you don’t be­lieve us.

Lis­ten to: Con­strict­ing Rage Of The Mer­ci­less (2014)

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