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Defy The curse

HAm­mERHEART HM-2 pedal dis­ci­ples put the crust back into death metal En­tombed may have spawned a host of clones over nigh-on three decades, but lately a whole bunch of hard­core kids have started dis­cov­er­ing the beauty of fol­low­ing the (left-hand) path set by the Swedes, from Black Breath to All Pigs Must Die. Now, how­ever, a gang of Dutch met­al­heads have re­turned the favour by in­cor­po­rat­ing hard­core/crust el­e­ments into their Swedeath tem­plate. Tak­ing its ‘no frills’ cue from the likes of In­hume, Defy The Curse’s de­but EP has jet­ti­soned surplus death metal el­e­ments such as so­los, tech­ni­cal parts and blast­beats, ex­em­pli­fied by Obliv­ion’s 46 sec­onds of Mi­nor-Threat-meet­sEn­tombed thug­gery. It prob­a­bly wouldn’t have the same im­pact over the course of a full al­bum but clock­ing in at a mere 13 min­utes over five tracks,

Defy The Curse is a pow­er­ful punch in the face.


FOR FANS OF: Black Breath, En­tombed, Rot­ten Sound


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