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SLIPTRICK Welsh pro­gres­sive up­starts con­tinue their win­ning ways

Last year, Malum Sky bagged them­selves a slot at Blood­stock as a winner of the 2017 Metal 2 The Masses com­pe­ti­tion, mak­ing good on the po­ten­tial dis­played on their 2015 self-ti­tled EP. As far as ca­reers go, the Cardiff prog-met­allers have made a pretty good start, and they con­tinue to im­press on this minial­bum. There’s plenty for fans of Pe­riph­ery and even Aliases’ shapeshift­ing trick­ery to sink their teeth into here, es­pe­cially given the band’s MO seems to be cram­ming at least three songs into ev­ery track. Year Of The Rat gets the balance right be­tween melodic ac­ces­si­bil­ity and show­ing off the itchy fret­work skills but Eye Above and Di­a­tribe are the most strik­ing, tear­ing off in one di­rec­tion be­fore chang­ing up the pace, tone and heav­i­ness, and dar­ing you to keep up. Nicely done.


FOR FANS OF: Pe­riph­ery, Aliases, Kar­nivool


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