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APATHIA Genre-mash­ing met­allers make more of a mess than a splash

De­spite be­ing a band for whom any­thing and ev­ery­thing goes, Zapruder are cu­ri­ously easy to pi­geon­hole. True, early on you get some whiskys­lurred grooves and odd­ball Tom Waits-es­que con­tent, but from thereon in it’s all rather early 00s - where the more thought­ful side of nu metal was try­ing to tran­scend frat­boy slap­stick and much of the un­der­ground was ei­ther try­ing to out­gun The Dillinger Es­cape Plan or ap­ing what­ever the mem­bers of Orchid had last been seen do­ing. This of course means much eye­goug­ing dis­so­nance, vo­cals veer­ing be­tween ma­ni­a­cal and sweetly sotto voce, and a sur­feit of wan­ton jaz­z­fuck­ery. On tracks such as Back In Town and Half Stache Man things pull to­gether nicely, but more of­ten than not the band over-egg the crazi­ness, trip over their own ideas and wind up mired in the shit they were try­ing to fling else­where.

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