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The Scythe Of Cos­mic Chaos

VÁN Cthulhu-awed Ger­man death met­allers fail to plumb the depths

Love­craftian dread has slith­ered through Sul­phur Aeon’s mu­sic since their 2010 demo. On 2015’s Gate­way To The An­ti­sphere, the bru­tal­ity and murk­i­ness of their black­ened death metal was tem­pered by the right amount of bom­bast. The Scythe… height­ens the drama by in­cor­po­rat­ing gothic flour­ishes and a ro­bust pro­duc­tion, but some songs suf­fer from too many com­pet­ing ideas and in­flu­ences. Yug­goth­ian Spell is a typ­i­cal ex­am­ple. The song tran­si­tions through pas­sages that re­call Dis­sec­tion, Be­he­moth, Nile and even Can­dle­mass, as Mid­dle Eastern leads clash with Scan­di­na­vian black/ death and a doom-heavy fin­ish – yet all with­out the song­writ­ing skill, in­ten­sity or power of those bands. Con­se­quently, some of the ar­range­ments are over­bur­dened, too, with Sul­phur Aeon ex­tend­ing the nat­u­ral con­clu­sion of songs just for the sake of at­mos­phere or to in­clude an­other ill-fit­ting mo­tif.

FOR FANS OF: Be­he­moth, Bölzer, Hypocrisy


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