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Pray For Doom

I HATE Trad doom old timers re­turn to the heady source With cheese­ball stoner rock and red­neck sludge be­ing mis­la­belled as doom metal, it’s a re­lief to hear a band still play­ing old tried-andtested heavy metal-based trad doom. These Ger­man vet­er­ans of 25 years’ stand­ing have re­turned from hi­ber­na­tion to set the record straight with their ap­pro­pri­ately ti­tled new opus. Founded on mis­er­able lyrics sung by a pow­er­fully piped metal singer, slow dirges stretch­ing out sad, Sab­bathy rhythms, and dragged on­ward by lead­weight per­cus­sion, Dawn Of Win­ter of­fer a re­turn-to­form ser­mon for a genre that has mu­tated beyond its orig­i­nal themes. Purists yearn­ing for some classic doom that cel­e­brates the pri­mor­dial soup of heavy metal whilst evok­ing the ap­pro­pri­ate feel­ings of war, lost love, post-flower child druggy de­pres­sion and death need look no fur­ther.


FOR FANS OF: Can­dle­mass, Soli­tude Ae­tur­nus,

Saint Vi­tus


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