How do you top tours with Triv­ium and Sys­tem Of A Down, and a Grammy nom­i­na­tion? Code Or­ange’s Jami Mor­gan ex­plains…

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So how far along are you with the new al­bum? “Oh, we’re get­ting there. There’s still plenty left for us to do, and we’re not go­ing to rush that shit, but it’s sound­ing good. We’re deep in it and we’re work­ing on it ev­ery day. I don’t wanna say much more than that at the mo­ment.”

You had Corey Tay­lor on The Hunt last time out on your

The Hurt Will Go On EP. Are we go­ing to see any more guests this time?

“Lis­ten bro, I wish I could tell you that stuff. But I re­ally can’t. We’re talk­ing to peo­ple and we’re sort­ing stuff out still. Let me just say that we haven’t run out of sur­prises; we spoke to a bunch of peo­ple and we’ve re­ally tried to get some names in there with us, but it isn’t that easy and… look, you’re just go­ing to have to wait.”

You spliced things up bril­liantly on For­ever. Do you think you can do it again on the new al­bum?

“If you think we went far on the last one… watch out! I don’t think we went far enough! We’ve got ideas. If we didn’t think that we had an idea that could top the last one, then we just wouldn’t do it. It’s like a drug ad­dic­tion for us – once you see the rab­bit hole, you wanna push it and push it. We’re not go­ing to dis­card the main el­e­ments of the band and re­lease a fuck­ing acous­tic al­bum or some shit, but we do def­i­nitely have the ideas to top the last one. And if we don’t, then I just don’t see us go­ing through with it. There’s no way that we can even do some­thing that is par­al­lel to the last one – we have to de­stroy it.”

You guys will be com­ing back to the UK in the sum­mer to play Blood­stock. How are you feel­ing about that?

“Who are we play­ing with…?”

You’re on just be­fore Cra­dle Of Filth and An­thrax…

“Oh, that’s awe­some. We’ve not re­ally done a lot of fes­ti­vals over here, and I think it’ll be cool to do one that’s more heavy ori­en­tated. And it made sense for us to do this one. We’re pretty much tak­ing our time a bit more with our growth, and get­ting a to do a big­ger stage at a fes­ti­val over here was some­thing that re­ally ap­pealed to us. Vicky [Hunger­ford, Blood­stock or­gan­iser] seems re­ally cool, and she re­ally wanted us to do it, so it’s a nat­u­ral pro­gres­sion. I don’t know where we’ll be with the record when it rolls around. Hope­fully we’ll have been do­ing a lot of head­line shows and… I think we’re go­ing to try and do a big Lon­don head­line show around the same time.”

Your last US head­line tour saw hip hop and trap artists join you on the bill. Do you think the cross-pol­li­na­tion of gen­res is re­ally hap­pen­ing now?

“I think so. I can only say what I saw, and the kids at our shows were turn­ing up and get­ting into that mu­sic. It just makes sense to me on an aesthetic and at­ti­tude level. And, let me tell you, it’s go­ing to go both ways. If the hip hop guys are hav­ing a piece of our pie, then I want a piece of theirs! We ac­tu­ally got asked to do a bunch of stuff last year. I can’t say what it was, but it would have been real in­ter­est­ing to have been in front of that au­di­ence. But, dude, it’ll hap­pen. It’s all go­ing to hap­pen.” CODE OR­ANGE PLAY BLOOD­STOCK ON AU­GUST 10. SEE MORE AT WWW.BLOOD­STOCK.UK.COM

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