Why did benji webbe sell his toy sol­diers to buy bondage trousers?

Skin­dred’s main­man might be a diehard mag­got, but he also gets drunk to Nat King Cole


WHEN I WAS a lit­tle boy, I was sit­ting in my house watch­ing TV, and a BBC doc­u­men­tary about the SPE­CIALS came on. I loved the fact they had black guys and white guys in the band to­gether. they were mak­ing mu­sic from ja­maica, but they were do­ing it in a very bri­tish, punk rock style. I started dress­ing like them. the spe­cials made me into a lit­tle rude boy! I also watched a movie called pur­ple rain, and there’s a band in it called MOR­RIS DAY AND the TIME. they play at the club with prince, they’re a ri­val band, and they’re tak­ing the piss out of him. the clever thing was, prince made up the band. the way mor­ris day moves and the way he combs his hair on­stage… in­cred­i­ble. I saw the SEX PISTOLS and wanted to be them. but i’m black, I can’t be them, you know what I mean? oh­h­hhh, it’s not fair! I sold my sol­diers and toys to buy bondage trousers. I sold my bike to go and buy [1980 rock­u­men­tary] the great rock ’n’ roll swin­dle.

I’m a mag­got for SLIPKNOT. I love ’em, and I love ’em, and I love ’em. And to tell you the truth, I love ’em. Corey Tay­lor is a ge­nius. Shawn the Clown is a fuck­ing cool dude. When we played in Amer­ica, Shawn came back­stage and talked to me. You know those fuck­ing glasses I wear? He gave me a hug and I stabbed him in the face! He said I was an in­spi­ra­tion, which is a beau­ti­ful thing from a band like that. The JaCK­SON 5 also made me stand up and pay at­ten­tion from the first time I heard them. My whole house­hold was in love with them

– a black kid with the spirit and voice of a soul well past his years dragged me in big time! But it was when lit­tle Michael be­came MJ that his style and look re­ally gripped me, and

I was for­tu­nate to see him in con­cert twice on his Bad and Dan­ger­ous tours. Michael, you’ll al­ways rest in power for me.

eLVIS was the first rock’n’roll god. I’ve been to Grace­land four times. In all the years I’ve been play­ing shows with Skin­dred, there’s a time dur­ing the set that I think, ‘What would elvis do?’ his hits are never very far from my record player. that south­ern kid will al­ways be a moth­er­fuck­ing cool cat to me, even in his bloated ve­gas years. my next choice is NAT KING COLE. his voice to me is like silk, and I lis­ten to him ev­ery day. and when i’m pissed it’s even worse, ha ha ha! af­ter a skin­dred show, you would def­i­nitely hear nat king cole.

then there’s PUB­LIC en­emy. oh my god, I love pub­lic en­emy! the first time I saw them, they were sup­port­ing

run DMC. they came on­stage and they had fake uzis and they were dressed in black and they were mil­i­tant and they looked like fuck­ing black pan­thers. and their mes­sage was in­cred­i­ble. ev­ery time I see chuck d, I feel like a fan­girl.

I also love LIMP BIZKIT dearly. it’s not ev­ery­body’s choice, but i’m not ev­ery­body, you know what i’m say­ing? they got mas­sive and then they lost that buzz, but ev­ery time I see

wes bor­land, DJ lethal, fred durst, i’m such a big fan. my favourite song is pol­lu­tion, off their first al­bum [1997’s three dol­lar bill, y’all$].

i’ve seen limp bizkit sup­port­ing KORN. ev­ery­where I was go­ing, I was see­ing these fuck­ing korn t-shirts. I was think­ing, ‘what the fuck is korn?’ it’s not even spelt right, you know? so any­way, I was a fan of hel­met, and they were play­ing in new­port where I live, in south wales. I watched them, and limp bizkit, and then there was korn. they came on­stage and I was like, ‘i wanna be in a band like thaaaaaaat!’ i’ve even had the priv­i­lege of singing with korn. when jonathan davis was sick at down­load in 2006, I sang a.d.i.d.a.s. they said, ‘do you wanna do two songs?’ and

I said no, just in case I sucked. imag­ine if ev­ery­one was chuck­ing piss at me and all that. I would have loved to do twist as well [sings twist to metal ham­mer]. but I did it for you, I did it for you, baby.

“I sold my toys to buy bondage trousers”

Benji Webbe: look. at. that. hat.

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